Attention! Important SCHEDULE CHANGE!


This show is going to be so great! The students have worked so hard on their performances, everything is coming into place, and the audiences will love it! Its Crunch Time for Everyone – So we need your help to  make the “Theatre Magic” happen!

We have so much to accomplish before opening night and wanted to stress the ALL HANDS CALLED for this weekend. The set is going up, lights are being hung, costumes are being finalized, and many odds & ends need to be wrapped up.  It is important we have all the parent volunteers (at least one per student) present for a brief volunteer/parent meeting Saturday morning promptly at 10am (not 12pm) to go over all the important info, who is responsible for what, and then hit the ground running. Students will be finalizing costumes at this time. The ARB number will still be rehearsing as scheduled.

We are so excited to see this show come to life with all you fantastic performers, parents, and volunteers! Have you seen this? click here

The D’s-