Calling all Vaudeville! parents!  We need your help to ensure the success of our show!
Please click on the link below and sign up for some volunteer slots.  Thank you in advance for your time and dedication. (We can certainly use any volunteers tonight with finishing up odds and ends.)
Also, if you have any of these items available, we are in need of them for the show:
White duvet and pillowcases
Burgundy or dark drapes for box seat along with rod to hang them
Fishing line
Slanted wood lectern
Marine Jacket

Attention! Important SCHEDULE CHANGE!


This show is going to be so great! The students have worked so hard on their performances, everything is coming into place, and the audiences will love it! Its Crunch Time for Everyone – So we need your help to  make the “Theatre Magic” happen!

We have so much to accomplish before opening night and wanted to stress the ALL HANDS CALLED for this weekend. The set is going up, lights are being hung, costumes are being finalized, and many odds & ends need to be wrapped up.  It is important we have all the parent volunteers (at least one per student) present for a brief volunteer/parent meeting Saturday morning promptly at 10am (not 12pm) to go over all the important info, who is responsible for what, and then hit the ground running. Students will be finalizing costumes at this time. The ARB number will still be rehearsing as scheduled.

We are so excited to see this show come to life with all you fantastic performers, parents, and volunteers! Have you seen this? click here

The D’s-


Tech Week!!! Here we go!

Hey Everybody!

Tech week is almost here!!  Get ready: it is exhausting but a lot of fun!  We’ve done our best to put everything together, now you’ll need to know how to make it run as smoothly as possible.

 Below please find the schedule by day along with some important information     *Please note time changes


Sat Nov 12:   Rehearsal from 10:00am-8:00pm.


Everyone in Alexander’s Ragtime Band

12pm- LUNCH break for ARB

12-8pm (Some will be released starting at 5pm. You may choose to stay)

ALL HANDS – ALL HANDS! Full Cast & Crew = Everyone! All Parent Volunteers too!

Bring everything! Music, script pages, dance clothes/shoes (Meal, Snack, Drink)

5pm-DINNER Break

Sun Nov 13:   Rehearsal from 12-4:00pm & 6-9:00pm.

12-4pm (TBD)

This rehearsal will be determined by Saturday’s rehearsal. We will focus on specific scene work and only a handful of people will be called. The location is TBD. It will NOT be the Barry Robinson. (Those of you not called, please continue practicing at home until we see you at BRT 6pm!)

6-9pm (At Barry Robinson Theatre)

ALL HANDS – ALL HANDS! Full Cast & Crew = Everyone! All Parent Volunteers too!

Bring everything! Music, script pages, dance clothes/shoes (Meal, Snack, Drink)

Actors should be READY to rehearse at 6pmThere will be at least one short break, so snacks and a drink would be a good thing to have.

Mon-Tue Nov 13-15:   Rehearsal from 6-9:00pm (Can arrive as early as 5pm) Actors should be READY to rehearse at 6pmThere will be at least one short break, so snacks and a drink would be a good thing to have.

Wed Nov 16: (Final Dress) Rehearsal from 6-9:00pm (Can arrive as early as 5pm. Will possibly end late). Actors should be READY to rehearse at 6pm!  Get into costume asap! There will be at least one short break, so snacks and a drink would be a good thing to have.

Thurs Nov 17: (Opening Night) Call Time 5:00pm. Actors should be READY to go and get into mic and costume ASAP!

Fri Nov 18: (DARK) No Shows. No Rehearsals

Sat Nov 19: Call Time – 11:00am (please come already fed).

–          Students will NOT leave between performances.  We will provide Pizza (and supplement fruit/veggies)

Sun Nov 20: Call Time – 12:00pm (please come already fed).

–          Immediately following Sunday’s performance, everyone is asked to stay and help break down the set, organize props, costumes, etc. and clean-up.





1)    All actors need to provide undergarments that can be worn under their costumes at all times.  They must not be seen from under the costume.

–          Girls can wear cammis, tank tops, leotards, and exercise or biker shorts.

–          Boys need undershirts (can be tanks) and shorts/boxers.

2)    All actors need to provide a small laundry basket (labeled with their name) for their miscellaneous personal belongings. The basket will stay in the Backstage/Cafeteria/Classrooms through the weekend.

3)    If you are wearing shoes from home, you should be already be bringing them to and from rehearsal to get used to them on stage.

*** Students must bring and use their own hair accessories. Please bring a small bag or kit (with your name on it!) with any brushes, bobby pins, elastics, etc. Use of your own hair items during Hair/Makeup and throughout the week will be STRONGLY ENFORCED.  We will be vigilant about this and there will be no exceptions if your child does not have their own items; if needed, we will have your child call you to bring their items from home.

Students are encouraged to bring something quiet to do while they are not on stage during rehearsals and performances (books, notebooks, video games, puzzles, card games, etc).  Be sure these are labeled!


Things for Parents to know for the shows:

–          Unless you are scheduled to volunteer backstage/cafeteria/classrooms for the current performance; you should not be Backstage or in Cafeteria/Classrooms.

o   If you need to get something to your actor; please ask someone who is volunteering to take it for you.

–          Once your child is in costume they are not allowed to eat and can only drink WATER.

o   Many of our costumes are borrowed from other theatre groups.  We want to be sure we take extreme care and return them as we found them.  They are not charging us and we’d like to continue to work with them.

–          After each performance, the students will change into their own clothes before coming into the lobby to greet you. This is standard procedure so that costumes can get back to where they need to be and we can all leave the theatre at a reasonable time.

–          As a reminder, students must be signed out by a parent; they cannot be released to an unseen parent in a vehicle.


Please call or email us with any questions…Here we go!

Hello, Hello~

Today is the deadline for Playbill Ads (AUG 4th).  We still don’t have many of the ads for which students are responsible.  Artwork for the ads is the most crucial as we need time to construct the playbill for printing. We are going to extend the deadline to Tuesday (AUG 8th). Thanks for your diligence.

Remember: 4  Shout Outs = The ad requirement (You can also take out an 1/8 page ad as a Shout Out)

Please refer to the previous post for details/links and don’t forget to sell Tickets to a great show that will make your socks roll up and down!


Get ready for a big weekend!

FULL CAST at the Barry Robinson Theatre Sat and Sun!  Check the Calendar for times.

Bring everything you need including water, snack, lunch, and a great attitude!

The Ds-

Vaudeville! Important Info and more!


Things are gearing up and the different acts and elements are really coming together with the show! We will be laying out the remainder of the rehearsal schedule shortly and finishing all scenes, songs, and dance. Attendance will be crucial. (*Hint – 5 & 6 Nov – Full Cast Called at Barry Robinson Theatre) Stay tuned for more details about Tech Week, etc that will be coming soon…

REMINDER – Ad Sales: The deadline for Playbill Ads will be here before you know it (Aug 4th).  Please work to secure your playbill ad in advance of the upcoming deadline. Forms can be found under the “For Parents” tab and will have all the details re: artwork, prices, sizes, etc.

Some of you have had questions regarding Ads/Shout Outs. Hopefully the following information will help to clarify what you can do as far as Ads/Shout Outs go:

• The smallest ad is an 1/8th page (cost: $75). We spoke at length with the kids about selling ads and those businesses that might be good candidates for an ad in the playbill. We also shared copies of the playbill from previous productions so that everyone could see the different ads, shout outs, etc.
• If you are having trouble securing an ad you may want to consider jointly purchasing an ad with a friend/cast mate—for example in the past, parents have run a photo of their child with a cast mate wishing them well, offering congratulations, “break a leg,” etc, with a larger ad.
• Another option is to run a Shout Out in the size of 1/8th page ad. You would submit the ad form and simply write the copy as you would like it to appear and our Playbill Coordinator can create an 1/8th page ad for you. It’s that easy.
• A Shout Out is optional—the cost for one Shout Out is $20. You can do multiple Shout Outs and thereby fulfill your ad requirement—just another option that might be helpful.  The Ad and Shout Out deadline is November 4th

TICKETS: Tickets are on sale now! This is going to be a fun and exciting show! If you see any family, friends, and/or neighbors, please be sure to tell them about the show and sell them some tickets!

Note* Tickets for Vaudeville! A Musical Comedy can easily be purchased online and will also be sold by DFT at all remaining rehearsals, meetings, and show dates.

Please click here to purchase tickets and/or ads

If you have any questions re: ads or ticket sales, please let me know.


Mr. D-

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