Vaudeville! Important Info and more!


Things are gearing up and the different acts and elements are really coming together with the show! We will be laying out the remainder of the rehearsal schedule shortly and finishing all scenes, songs, and dance. Attendance will be crucial. (*Hint – 5 & 6 Nov – Full Cast Called at Barry Robinson Theatre) Stay tuned for more details about Tech Week, etc that will be coming soon…

REMINDER – Ad Sales: The deadline for Playbill Ads will be here before you know it (Aug 4th).  Please work to secure your playbill ad in advance of the upcoming deadline. Forms can be found under the “For Parents” tab and will have all the details re: artwork, prices, sizes, etc.

Some of you have had questions regarding Ads/Shout Outs. Hopefully the following information will help to clarify what you can do as far as Ads/Shout Outs go:

• The smallest ad is an 1/8th page (cost: $75). We spoke at length with the kids about selling ads and those businesses that might be good candidates for an ad in the playbill. We also shared copies of the playbill from previous productions so that everyone could see the different ads, shout outs, etc.
• If you are having trouble securing an ad you may want to consider jointly purchasing an ad with a friend/castmate—for example in the past, parents have run a photo of their child with a castmate wishing them well, offering congratulations, “break a leg,” etc, with a larger ad.
• Another option is to run a Shout Out in the size of 1/8th page ad. You would submit the ad form and simply write the copy as you would like it to appear and our Playbill Coordinator can create an 1/8th page ad for you. It’s that easy.
• A Shout Out is optional—the cost for one Shout Out is $20. You can do multiple Shout Outs and thereby fulfill your ad requirement—just another option that might be helpful.  The Ad and Shout Out deadline is November 4th

TICKETS: Tickets are on sale now! This is going to be a fun and exciting show! If you see any family, friends, and/or neighbors, please be sure to tell them about the show and sell them some tickets!

Note* Tickets for Vaudeville! A Musical Comedy can easily be purchased online and will also be sold by DFT at all remaining rehearsals, meetings, and show dates.

Please click here to purchase tickets and/or ads

If you have any questions re: ads or ticket sales, please let me know.


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